Vietnamese Student from Far Eastern Federal University Wins Third Place Award in International Math Contest

Vu Van Tien is a nuclear physics student at FEFU. Before making it to the finals of the International online academic competition in mathematics, Vu Van passed two election rounds in Vladivostok outperforming everybody.

More than 100 youngsters from Rusisa, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia and other countries competed in the finals that took place in Ioshkar Ola, Mari El Republic. The contestants were offered to solve seven problems. Following review of the students’ solutions, the Vietnamese student from FEFU was placed third.

Vu Van Tien said he had taken a liking to maths as a schoolboy and that he would continue to study the subject to apply this knowledge in his specialty. The student said he was happy to study in Russia because FEFU had accomplished faculty. In autumn 2016, Tien won bronze at an international math contest in Israel.

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