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May 11, 2017


Abhishek Mishra ( Lucknow, UP )
Stavropol State medical university

It was a great time we spent in Stavropol State Medical University University. the University has very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative and campus environment is very positive. Training and placement department continuously providing assistance regarding the placement. Stavropol State Medical University has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities for the students like Faculties, events, sports, etc. The days which has been spent in Stavropol are the golden days of my life and will remember it for rest of my life.

Abhishek Dhama, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Siberian state Medical University

My I am very glad to be a part of Siberia State Medical University, Tomsk for studying MBBS as it is one of the famous institute of higher education in Russia. It provides is good study environment and many more. The University has highly qualified teachers of its own for teaching us in English medium. I take pride in saying that I am in this university.

Ankit Kaushik, SIKRI, Haryana
Student @ Mari State Medical University

I can't tell my happiness after arriving in Russia to join a medical collage. My parents feel very relaxed. STUDIES IN RUSSIA has been very helpful and supportive. Thank You!! to amazing team that assisted me throughout the admission procedure and guided us with transparency.

Sanya Pillai, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Studying medicine was always my life dream. When I came across VOLGOGRAD STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY I saw this is an opportunity to realise my dream. After visiting their website I was referred to STUDIES IN RUSSIA and everything was taken care after then. Volgograd state medical university is one of the best universities under Top 10 medical universities in Russia. Now I am glad to study MBBS in English Medium in this university.This is great opportunity to you for getting high quality education in order to be a qualified medical professional of the future. I wish you good luck for your admission for your admission and to be future MBBS student in this university.

Himanshu Tatrari, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand
Stavropol State Medical University

I go My Parents and I thought that studying MBBS from Foreign Country may be more expensive than in India, but we were wrong. STUDIES IN RUSSIA guided us about no donation policy in Russia and also explained us the whole fee structure in details with full transparency.

Kirty Priya, Bihar
Student @ Stavropol State Medical University

My parents were hesitant to send me to Russia till they were told by the STUDIES IN RUSSIA studying Education Consultants about the country being female dominated and safe. Now my friends want to come and study here in Russia !

Mridul Nagpure, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh
Student @ Kazan State Medical University

Kazan State Medical University provides quality education and skill. Furthermore, Kazan state medical staff are knowledgable, professional and helpful. Facilities are excellent and the atmosphere is friendly and positive. In short Kazan State Medical University is a good place to start and continue your studies, plus, it has a world famous name, which will make your degree recognised all over the world.

Suraj Hirve, Maharashtra
Student @ Stavropol State Medical University

There are enough practical classes for enriching our knowledge on different subjects related to medicine. I am quite impressed by the extra care given to foreign students and the enthusiastic and helpful teachers. I hope I will be able to put the knowledge and experience gained in STAVROPOL STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY for my professional medical career.

Yashwant Gudadhe ( Wani, Maharashtra, India )
Stavropol state medical university

I can positively say Stavropol State Medical University has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive.

Prabhakar Mishra ( Bareilly, India )
Stavropol state medical university

Building my career in Stavropol State Medical Universityy enriched my life. I can somehow see that my future is totally reliant on the career for which I am grateful to every faculty member of General Medicine Department. There is nothing to say about other departments but General Medicine Department did the great thing to impart everything they have and planned. I would say Stavropol State Medical University is doing a great job. Objectively to department of Medicine, School of Basic Science and Research, they are upto date to the requirement of current every faculty member of Medicine Department, and are upto date to the requirement of current job market.

Achal Singh ( Hardoi, Lucknow, UP )
Stavropol State Medical University

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I am studying in Stavropol State Medical University. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gives an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The two years spent here are splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff for making me a “Better Person”.

Kundan Kumar ( Chhapra, Bihar, India )
Stavropol state medical university

Stavropol State Medical University is one the best university & high ranking across the Russia and is known for its excellence . It has all the best facilities under one roof - Medical Faculty, state of infrastructure , erudite faculty , professional teachers , well stocked libraries , good labs , sports area , and studios with all requirements. I am very grateful to be a part of this university.

Sonam Thakur ( Agra, India )
Stavropol state medical university

Hi.. ! I am Sonam Thakur studying in Stavropol State Medical University and planning is currently in 3rd year. It has been a great experience. Here in University we have great faculty members under which we have learnt a lot. Because of which I can see my fruitful future.

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