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May 22, 2017

Study In English

Medical courses in Russia compared to western countries has an imparting system of higher education in Medicine Study is well formulated and advanced but they have a language barrier linked to its merits.

Our aspirants who have doubt that how they will cope up with the learning of Russian and MBBS at the same time you don’t have to worry anymore.

MBBS and other courses in Russia are now being offered with English as the medium of instruction by many Russian universities. The duration of the MBBS course with English as the medium of instruction is for 6 years while the duration for the courses with Russian as the medium of instruction is 7 years.

If courses are conducted in English; the students don’t have to do the one year of the preparatory faculty in the Russian language. Otherwise, the total duration of 7 years includes one academic year (10 months) of the preparatory course in the Russian language.

However, the student would be taught the Russian language as a part of the curriculum in the first three years so as to interact with the Russian patients during their clinical years from the fourth year of his/her education.

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