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August 22, 2017

Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University formerly known as St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy (SPbSPMA) is the first in the world and the only medical school in Russia providing higher medical education with a specialization in Pediatrics.

The university is located in Saint Petersburg. SPbSPMA has a state license and accreditation to provide training in medicine according to the state standards.

In June 2005, under the support of Government of Russia, State Duma, Federation Council of Russia, Russian Rector's Union, the prize-winners of Golden Medal: European Quality competition in the nomination of Top 100 of Russian Universities were awarded. Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy was honored with a golden medal. Rector of the academy Vladimir Levanovich was named The Best Rector of The Year 2004.

There are four programs in the academy, leading to the Doctor of Medicine(MD) with a specialization in Pediatrics, Doctor of Medicine(MD), Doctor of Dental Medicine(DDM), and Master in Clinical Psychology degrees. Postgraduate training, providing the opportunity to get a PhD, is also available.

St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy (SPbSPMA), formerly known as Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute (LPMI) is one of the leading schools of higher medical education of Russia and the oldest independent pediatric university in the world. It was founded in 1925 as the Institute for Protection of Maternity and Infancy. The main building of Academy was settled on the territory of City Children's Hospital, which started to receive first patients on May 25, 1905. The Children's Hospital was built as a series of separated pavilions to prevent spreading of infectious diseases.

The hospital project cost ended up with 1.7 billion in the currency of those days, and the hospital was rated as the best of Petersburg. K.А. Rauchfuss, V.N. Korovin, V.N. Raitz, famous Russian pediatricians, participated in planning and organizing of the hospital. There were 650 beds in the hospital. The huge staff, consisted of 28 physicians, 2 paramedics, 56 sisters of mercy, 2 masseurs, 232 nurses, 22 ward workers,6 workers of disinfection block, and 149 lower workers, was intended to provide the best possible care of sick children.

On January 7, 1925, the Scientific-Practical Institute of Maternity and Infancy Protection opened and had the name of Clara Zetkin. Upon this time, the structure of the institute was remodeled and included 11 clinical departments, a baby house, an infant house, the department to qualify children conditions, 3 clinics with up to 500 beds in each of them, an outpatient clinic, a children consulting center, and milk stations. The authors and organizers of new institute's project were famous pediatricians M.S. Maslov, A. Y. Goldfeld, Z.O. Mitchnik, A.L. Antonov, P.S.Medovikov, L.I. Erlikh, P.I.Lublinsky, A.V. Popova, the director of the institute V.O. Mochan, and many others. From the year of 1925 and till the year of 1949, the institute was headed by Yulia Aronovna Mendeleeva, a very talented initiator.

There are several scientific schools in the academy, and they continue to develop:

  • Pathology of young children of M.S.Maslov
  • Pediatrics of A.F.Tur
  • Infectious Diseases of M.G.Danilevich
  • Cardiorheumatology of A.B.Volovik
  • Phthisiopulmonology of P.S.Medovikov
  • Pediatric Surgery of G.A.Bayirov
  • Pediatric Nephrology of A.V.Papayan
  • Pediatric Gynecology of N.V.Kobozev
  • Social Pediatrics of N.G.Veselov


Education is conducted in Russian for Russian students and English for foreign students. The university had an option for English speaking students to study in English but that was however cancelled about 6 years ago . But now a days university start again this program for foreign students. SPBSPMA is recognized by the World Health Organization and included in the World List of Medical Schools WHO in 1965. SPBSPMA is listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). The academy has a high status among pediatric medical schools. SPbSPMA offers a medical school diploma, postgraduate training, further training for physicians and faculty members, postgraduate training in various specialties, and training opportunities for graduated and pursuing postdoctoral degrees physicians.


Currently, the academy has three faculties:

  • The Faculty of Medical Science
  • The Faculty of Pediatrics
  • The Faculty of Clinical Psychology

In 2005, the academy obtained a license to open a vocational education program, specializing in Dentistry. There are the preparatory department and the faculty of training and vocational retraining.

Major Teaching Affiliates

  • St. Petersburg Mariinsky Hospital
  • Central Medical Sanitary Unit #122
  • Children City Hospital #1
  • Children City Hospital #5
  • Children Hospital of SpbSPMA
  • Children District Clinical Hospital
  • City Infectious Hospital of Botkin #30

Teaching Affiliates

  • City Hospitals 2,9,15,38,46
  • Psychiatric Hospital of Skvortcov-Stepanov 3
  • Psychiatric Hospital 6
  • Children Hospital of St. Maria Magdalena 2
  • Children Hospital of Rauhfuss 19
  • Children Hospital of St. Olga #4
  • Children Hospital #22
  • N.N Petrov Research Institute of Oncology
  • Research Institute of Children Infections
  • Research Institute of Human Brain
  • Children Outpatient Clinics #10,17,20,41,44,109
  • City Oncology Center
  • Medico-Genetic Diagnostic Center
  • Consultative-Diagnostic Center
  • Medical Sanitary Unit #7
  • Medical Sanitary Unit #144
  • Children Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Pushkin City
  • Maternity hospitals #1,9,15,16,18
  • Multiple others


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