Kazan Federal University to Hold Space Science Interactive School in August

High schoolers, students and postgraduates from Russian regions and former Soviet republics are welcome to participate.

The school will run at Kazan Federal University on 28-30 August 2017. Language of instruction is Russian. No participation fee is required, but students have to pay their fares and rent (a room at the university dormitory or hotel can be booked in advance).

Lectures and masterclasses will be delivered by astronomers, specialists from the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities and cosmonauts. The topics of the reports include cosmic microwave background radiation, research into gravitational fields, asteroids and meteorites, space junk problems, interplanetary flight possibility etc. The school participants will visit the Engelgardt Astronomical Observatory and tour Sviyazhsk, an island town located 30 kilometres from Kazan.

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