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May 11, 2017


Studies in Russia” is a reputed overseas education consultancy with a team of experts from India and Russia and abroad which provide guidance for medical and engineering education in Russia for students at a reasonable price. We offer admissions in B.E, MBBS, MD, MS, and MBA in Russian and European universities.

Academic year in most of the Universities of Russia starts in month of September.

Yes, they are valued and recognized globally.

Yes, you can apply for the Work Permit. Universities itself provides job placement in Russia and other western countries.

There are no pre qualifying examinations  like other countries to enroll in courses in Russia. The admissions are based on the 12th standard marks for the Graduate courses and Indian graduate degree equivalent to Russian degrees for the postgraduate courses. All admissions are strictly on a first come first serve basis.

Courses are provided in Russian and English languages. Also Russia Universities have Russian Language Department where Russian is taught to student as Preparatory course for students who don’t know Russian language.

“Studies in Russia” provides the necessary documents required for Education Loan from private and nationalized banks and also the detailed information on the process involved in the sanctioning of the Loan.

Course Durations in Russia are

Engineering Courses

Bachelor Degree Course -4 years

Master’s Degree Course -2 years

Preparatory Course -10 Months (extra if student opts to study course in Russian language)


Medical Courses

MBBS Course -6 years

BDS and Pharmacy Course -5 years

Preparatory Course -10 Months (extra if student opts to study course in Russian language)

No, there is no such thing as ragging in Colleges. On contrary, senior students are going to help fresher students in starting their lives in Russia. Yet again ragging is strictly prohibited and if any senior student will do take ragging, and then he will be expelled out of the academy immediately.

Students have multiple options to choose from

  • You can use Indian , Chinese , Mughlai  food tiffin service.
  • You can dine in low price cafeterias of the Academy. These cafeterias serve Russian food.
  • There are many Cafe and Restaurants around and outside the campus.

No, a student cannot do a job while studying since he/she is having a student visa.

Every university provides a dedicated student’s clinics in university premises. Students can get medical treatment from those clinics. Apart from that a Medical Insurance to all students is done, which is compulsory while travelling abroad. This insurance helps students to get medical treatment from government hospital in their city.

For opening a bank account in Local Bank our Education counselor’s helps the student . Also, students can take International debit card, forex card or hard cash (USD) with them.

As per the regulations of Universities, at time of admission a contract is signed by all International students. This contract specifies educational responsibility on the part of the university and responsibilities of the students. This contract is general in nature and a statutory requirement in these countries.

All the establishments like university buildings, hostels, classrooms and hospitals are centrally heated. This heating system is regulated by the local municipal departments. Students have the access to centrally heated hostels, and 24hours running hot and cold water.

The currency used in Russia is Ruble and the coins are known as Kopiyka. US Dollars are also acceptable. US$ 1 = 57.39 Rubles approx currently. It changes depending upon the conditions.

The Commonly spoken languages are Russian, English, French, German, Polish and Hungarian

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